Time out to take in....

Vacation - doesn't the very sound of the word conjure up feelings of happiness, calm and joy!

Ohhhh...I love a good vacation...particularly when you visit with family and combine this with a location that is in such contrast to your own backyard...The UK!

Rolling green hills, lush foliage, crisp blue skies and that all too glorious quintessential English lifestyle - long walks in the country.

So what do you do when you are on vacation? I am surrounded by 12 of my family and they each have their own concept of what constitutes relaxing and how this is interpreted in their daily rituals. Some are working remotely, some are dealing with what they need to prepare for their return home and others are totally switched off and completely present and in the moment.

No matter what your version of 'vacation' is, it is right for you....we are all individual creatures with mannerisms and characters that vary, so how we choose to 'vacay' is personnel.

Embrace your vacation your way and allow yourself to be in the moment and be present...I am going to immerse myself in the divine green countryside and breath in the fresh crisp air without considering too much other than - what will I have for lunch!

Bon voyage!



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