Client Experiences

"I've been fortunate to work with wonderful clients throughout my career. They've entrusted me with their personal stories, and I've had the privilege of supporting them on their journeys, whether through counselling or family mediation.

For privacy reasons, names are kept confidential. However, here are some generous words that clients have shared recently."
We cannot thank Dee enough for solving our business partnership dispute. We felt heard, the process was kept to the items that needed to be mediated and even though we were so stressed leading up to the day, she was able to manage the tension with myself and my ex-business partner with ease. She is a natural with conflict. Thank goodness for mediation as court was just not an option for us. We can now move on with our lives.
An excellent listening ear with strong empathy. At the end of my session I had clear strategies to work on outside of the session, to keep me moving forward.
My partner recently left me, and my sessions with Dee allowed me to rediscover myself and move forward. It was so much more easier than I expected.
After many years of meeting people who diagnosed what I already knew, Dee was able to understand my situation and I was able to move forward with her input and guidance. It wasn’t so much what I had but an ability to read what I needed. Dee was such an excellent listener and she just ‘got’ me so quickly. She saw past my words and could reflect back to me what I was going through…it was quite amazing.
After every session Dee always concluded the session asking if it had been beneficial and summarized the “homework” for me to work on as often as I needed to stay on track and keep me focused towards the future.
After seeing Dee weekly for 6 weeks, she recognized that my life was now back on track and felt I didn’t need to keep returning. I still do once a month just for a tune up and ensure that I don’t go back to where I was before. I call it my ‘maintenance’ program!
I first brought my eight year old son to Dee to help us both to try and work through some of the challenges he was facing at school. She picked up the needs quickly through her unique ability to listen and suggest in a way my son embraced . After the second time together my son was wanting to rebook with Dee at the end of each session. The change is quite unbelievable, Dee has an extraordinary talent with children and indeed parents.
I often see Dee around the shops where we live and she is always smiling and talking to people. A magnetic personality to all types. Recently I was diagnosed with cancer and I saw her in the park. She invited me up to her clinic overlooking the water, bought me coffee and we spent an hour just talking about what I was going through and she gave me some wonderful suggestions to support me through one of my most difficult times of my life.
My husband and I had several sessions with Dee. We had decided to separate but the process was very difficult and at times quite hostile. In our first meeting we made significant progress and came up with a plan to consciously uncouple and ways to get our children to feel safe with each of us through reunification therapy. That took a few more visits to lock down a program that worked for our whole family. Dee was both understanding and had a wonderful approach to mediating a solution to our problems with a desired result for both of us and our two kids.
I was very nervous going for my first session but the moment I arrived I felt at ease . The clinic has a very homely coastal lounge feel to it and Tilly, Dee’s therapy dog is wonderful to have around. When I feel overwhelmed, I look at Tilly and she just helps to settle my nerves.

It's not about what you need to do.
It's about who you want to be.

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