Specialising in High Conflict & Transformative Relationship Counselling

Rediscover your relationship and create a mature loving bond. Not everyone is taught how to have a healthy relationship, and some of us don't realise there are ways to improve and grow your relationship despite challenges you may be facing. Shifting Tides Counselling is here to help.

Manage your Anxiety

Join me in a calm, healing environment where I will  work with you to build confidence in your day-to-day management of anxiety. Because everyone experiences anxiety differently,  Shifting Tides Counselling is tailored to your individual needs and works at your pace.

Coming to Terms with Loss

While loss and grief is certainly a natural part of life, talking to a non-judgemental and compassionate counsellor offers personalised support to help you work through difficult thoughts, feelings and other related challenges.

I can’t change where you started but I can give you the freedom to decide where you finish.

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Dealing with Depression

Depression can often feel like a never-ending state. The good news is you can release yourself from the grips of depression and obtain the tools that will allow you to live life to the fullest.

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

Fur baby - Grief and Loss

I understand that pets often become part of the family and that they provide both emotional support and therapeutic healing like nothing else can.  I offer one-on-one grief support while you work through these difficult emotions.
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Balance is key in life

Youth Mentoring & Guidance Counselling

Sometimes it's tricky to decide what to do next to reach your goals. Guidance counselling aims to help you with your individual development beyond any educational institution. This guidance can be an important resource during school, training, or any time you want help in achieving your life and career goals.

Balance is key in life.

Approach to Therapy

Shifting Tides Counselling has a person-centered approach to therapy, using an eclectic and integrative approach that is personalised to you.
This approach employs many theories, such as the below, (and not limited to):

•   ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
•   CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
•   SF – Solution Focused Therapy
•   Brief Interventions
•   Mindfulness Therapy
•   Integrative Therapy
•   Compassion Focused Therapy
•   Emotionally Focused Therapy
•   Motivational Interviewing
•   Strength Based Therapy
•   Narrative Therapy

In order to see change, we have to seek change.

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I'm a firm believer in designing your own life, creating lasting change and owning your victories.

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