Tentative Tuesday - Are you frozen by fear when faced with making a decision?

How many times have you been frozen in life, where you have either procrastinated, ignored or just turned your back on a decision that had to be made...and you didn't?

Whether you stay in a relationship or a job, just that little bit too long and when you finally did make the break, you said to yourself:

'Why didn't I do this ages ago.....?'

What stops us from making decisions is mainly driven by fear:

  • the fear of consequences,
  • the fear of the unknown and
  • the fear of confrontation

So if fear is the main contributor to indecision, what outcome would be possible if we could either put fear on hold or take it off the table all together, so to ensure that we make better decisions, create more positive outcomes and enjoy a life less stressful?

Can we achieve this?

Is it possible and can I do it?

The answer is yes...

So where do you start...you start by challenging your fears and asking yourself, 'is there any truth to it...the fear, the consequence the possible outcome?

I use the analogy of going to the dentist with my patients/clients:

Just imagine you have a dental appointment scheduled for next week and between now and then, you are absolutely freaking out in fear of having that dreaded needle for works that could possibly happen....

Then imagine, you get to the dentist, sit back in the dental chair - the nurse pops a bib on and the dentist comes over with their trusty light and looks inside your mouth...the dentist sits back and looks at you and says...

'...well, you have been flossing regularly haven't you? Everything looks good...we only need to do a clean today'

So what do you do at this point?

'Ahhhhhh thank goodness!!! I have been absolutely wound up all week thinking the worst...'

Has the penny dropped yet? You have worked yourself up all week, 'thinking' the worst, and it did not happen!!!

NO it didn't!!!

So the moral of the story is - do not go down the negative rabbit hole of negative thoughts and allow those thoughts to control you...find a way to stop them in their tracks and know that there is another possible outcome, which could very well be the one that you need.

Want to learn some more strategies to overcome fear? Call now to book your tune up session and find a pathway that is less stressful.


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