'Living Well Today' - how to navigate life's challenges with strategies that work

Over the last 4 - 5 weeks, I have had many of my clients/patients coming in who are feeling anxious about life and finding it difficult to ascertain what the future holds...and asking that all important question?

'Is it just me or are other people also feeling this way?'

The response is...yes...

There is change in the air - we have just come through COVID with all the fear and uncertainty that this has brought with it, then the new Government, interest rate rises and supply shortages, high employment which all creates an environment that is raising the cost of living, which is the kicker when it comes to unsettling our lives.

So how do we manage this? 

Some strategies that can be managed:

  • Mum’s and children – how to navigate life post COVID by developing strategies that create peace at home
  • Relationships – how the cost of living is causing conflict and how to communicate through these difficult times
  • Generalized Anxiety – how to make sense of those feelings of helplessness and uncertainty and finding solutions that work for you now

As I shared in my session with patients - you have to live 'in the meantime'...not focus on tomorrow...if we focus too much on what could, may happen tomorrow, we forget to actually live...which is in the moment and today.

So...live in the meantime...

Make plans today - cook that favourite dish tonight and use your best crockery and cutlery. Hug your children - smile at your partner - go for the long walk along the beach with your bestie...do all those things that you love to do...today!

Do more of what is good for you and less of what is not...the new mantra for today!

Do you need some strategies to support you in "Living well today"? Let's chat and find you, your solution.

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