How do you communicate? Are you someone that wants to 'tell' or wishes to 'share'..

Same - same but different? 

Yes - it is....Telling someone is imposing your thoughts, beliefs and opinions on them, without considering if they wish to go down 'your' path...

Supporting your 'voice' with non verbal and visual queues can support your message or tell another story altogether.

Oh, I hear you say! So communication is more than just my words?...Yep! It certainly is!

Sharing with someone is a collaborative arrangement whereby you share your thoughts and beliefs so to have a 'conversation' rather than dictating a belief system in return, shows respect and consideration for the other person.

Even though your sentiment to 'tell' someone may come from a good space, such as telling your friend to stop drinking too much, when it may need an approach where you consider why your friend is drinking and asking, do they need any advice....

The subtleties of communication - sometimes a fine tuning of language, they way a message is delivered (verbally, non verbally and through visual queues) and honestly asking yourself, what is in it for them...not you...can alter the outcome and avoid potential confrontation, discomfort and stress around what needs to be said.

We all prefer a life without stress and yes, we can have a 'say' in how someone else receives our message.

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