Grief and Loss...such a momentous time in our lives...but how far does this reach into our lives?

How do we define grief and loss...?

It immediately brings to mind the loss of a family member, loved ones and one of our pets.

The grief and overwhelming sense of bereavement can come in waves and as we move forward, we sometimes take a step back.

What are we really going through?

What do we miss and how does this impact our lives?

Grief and loss is not just about that person or pet who we miss but it is intrinsically connected to our entire life - the loss of what was, what could have been and where you go from here.

Some of the situations you may find yourself in is after a long marriage which long partners and then you are on your own....a new position in social settings that is sometimes uncomfortable to navigate and the new financial circumstances that give rise to so many other challenges.

The loss of a job; friendship groups disbanding; a health determination which alters what you can and can't do...the list goes on.

Adapting to the new you is sometimes daunting...

There is light at the end of the period of darkness and it takes a measured mind and steady heart to allow yourself to feel, grieve and accept the passage of time and the opportunity for the future.

Shifting with the changing tides of life does not have be done alone....let's have a chat.



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