Are you feeling you are not quite on top of your game?

Have you been asking yourself...'why am I feeling flat...just uninterested and am I going to get back on track?'

In life, we can sometimes lose sight of the true meaning of our own existence and to that effect, what we need, what is good for us and most importantly...

How do I get past this stage....

When seeing clients and patients, I share that the first session is me getting to really 'see' you...and this comes as a great surprise to most that visit for the first time:

'What do you 'see' me...I thought everyone could see me...I am sad, depressed, lost and feel unwanted...?'

When someone has such a pessimistic view of themselves, I try to showcase that we are not all just one thing, we are a combination of all things...and sometimes we get so lost and caught up in that negative narrative that we lose sight of who we are, as a complete and total person that is more than just their negative perception.

I help you to look closely, to find those parts in you that you don't 'see', and I bring that to your help you 'see' that there is more to you than your perception or belief which you are currently experiencing and engage in strategies to get you back on track.

'You' are not that far away.....

Shall I help you find 'you'?

The 'you' that may have gotten a little lost along the way and is still there but needs some encouragement, motivation and support to find it's way back to your 'top of mind'?

Tips to start on your best self now:

  1. Know and understand your purpose
  2. Know and pursue your passions
  3. Know your needs and be unapologetic about them
  4. Know your strengths and build on those
  5. Know your values and stick to them
  6. Serve others - a random act of kindness in the community goes a long way to self gratification
  7. Live from your inner self...your truth - your authenticity

 Do you need a tune up? Let's here.

Appointments available now - no referral required.




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