Are you being authentic and do you expect others to be as well?


What does this really mean? It be real...

I had a recent chat to a colleague who was concerned when he cancelled a few appointments after feeling unwell. He was challenged with what his clients would think? Should he just keep it light and say that he was 'busy' and to reschedule, or should he share that he was not well?

What would you do?

If we ask anyone around us, be they clients, friends or anyone else for that matter, to just 'tell the truth', should we also be authentic and not be afraid of the potential consequences if we need to reschedule?

When you are just being you, other people can tell...they can tell you are real, truthful and authentic...

What was that movie...'you can't handle the truth'...with Jack Nicolson and Tom Cruise.....

Well guess what - we can handle the truth!!

Want to learn how to communicate with authenticity and avoid conflict? Let's have a chat.

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