A cheat sheet on how to build emotional agility and develop the courage and self compassion, to face difficult emotions

Shifting perspective – like the ocean, take your eye off the waves and look beyond to take in the bigger picture towards the future

Be more curious and detach from ‘being correct’ all the time

Look within and identify your values, your needs

Walk and talk your way – make choices that matter to you

Evolve and grow – participate in challenges that are beyond your ability, even if you feel uncomfortable

Be open and accepting of change…as everything does, day to night, rain to sun

Life alters and so do you

Without change, we do not evolve

Find your motivation and ask, ‘is this good for me’?

Embrace your autonomy and authentic self

Know when to grit and when to quit

When we need our teeth checked, we go to the dentist - when we need our eyes checked, we see an optometrist....

When we need our mind checked or just tweaked with a small tune up....chat to a counsellor...

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