For those affected by natures dramatic weather beating this week

How many times have you said to yourself at a time of challenge and opted to 'get past it and on with it' by saying:

' I shouldn't feel bad for myself, there are so many people worse of '...

Earlier today, I was on the phone to a dear friend who lives in Kingscliff, on the Tweed Coast and has been one of many people that have been affected by the 'storm event' that is still thrashing our coastline.

She herself has had to endure no power for days, wasted food, no ability to source supplies and fielding calls from friends and neighbours who were reaching out for support....and what did she say...

'I know things are tough but there are so many people worse off and I can help...'

Does this sound familiar?

I said to my friend...

'Yes, they may be...but don't negate or dismiss what you are going through either...'

That is what I just love about us Aussies in times of crisis...we will be there for others, support them and ensure their needs are met...we dust ourselves off and go to task to do what we can.

A call centre in Brisbane that is reaching out to ask volunteers to help those most in need, almost collapsed due to the amount of people reaching out and wanting to make a difference and help others...

Now that is truly times of need and when the chips are down, we roll up our sleeves and help our fellow man.

Got to love the Aussie spirit...let's all make a difference, not only when it is needed, but carry this through to when we don't need it....and also leave something in the tank to give to yourself.

Being kinder and supportive makes you feel good, makes others feel good and in turn, makes for good energy...

To all those volunteers...thank you.

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