Do you sweat the small stuff? Want to shift that narrative?

Yes - I hear you say - I do sweat the small stuff!

Do you get all uptight when the toilet seat is up, clothes are on the floor, dishwasher has not been know, those every day things that can either start your day with a smile or a growl.

So which mindset would you prefer to be? To growl or not to growl?

So choose how you start your are some simple tips to get you started:

  1. Start the day with an affirmation: I will not be affected by what others do or indeed, do not do!
  2. Focus only on what is important: Prioritize your day - if work is pending and a timeline is critical, then just focus on that...don't let your mind stray to anything else
  3. Get a journal: Write down your affirmation, create a to do list and a 'can wait list'
  4. STOP IT!: Yes, you read that right - stop your mind going down that rabbit hole by challenging yourself and saying 'is this really going to impact my day...really?'

Giddyap - have a good one and embrace the freedom of making better choices for yourself.

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