Counselling - what can they do for you and what skill sets do they have to offer?

Who is the right mental health professional to see?

There are so many choices in this field and counsellors may be your best first choice.

Practically, counsellors not only deal with mental illness, they also are particularly well-trained in non-pathological areas of human challenges and life's experiences.

When comparing counselling training programs to other mental health and human service professions, counselling training includes not only mental health, but also common areas such as grief and loss, relationships and families, crisis counselling, domestic violence and health.

When considering finding that professional person to offer you support during life's difficult moments, counsellors have the capacity to see clients across a very broad range of human needs.

As counsellors, we do not 'formally diagnose' which is critical when supporting the theory around the humanistic strengths of counselling, as opposed to dealing with a diagnosis and focusing on a clinical condition rather than the whole person.

Being a counsellor provides a broad and effective scope of practice with mental health/illness, notwithstanding that from time to time there is a need to work with other therapeutic disciplines and practices, being a conscientious and authentic practitioner ensures the patient's and client's needs are always the number one priority by finding that person you connect with and feel safe with.

Given the awareness we are all exposed to in relation to the importance of how we feel and our mental wellbeing, is it time to now give yourself that opportunity to get 'unstuck' and find a better tomorrow?

Let's chat - Tilly will help you along your journey of self-determination.

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