Are we over complicating our lives and how to simplify it

I had an interesting conversation with a wonderful friend earlier today over coffee...she has had an amazing life thus far, coupled with extensive personal and professional experiences, she has the ability to 'cut to the chase' as it were in conversation.

I really like that! Simple, isn't just say it as it is?

But why do we make things more complicated than what they are, and in turn create so much more stress, anxiety and potentially depression in our lives by making those choices?

To choose to find the path of least resistance or to choose the path of most resistance...which one would you choose?

The 'mind mechanics' in the above choices run deep - there are so many reasons why we 'fluff' our messages, we complicate our choices and delay our decisions. Some of the reasons 'why':

  • fear of making the wrong call
  • wanting to please everyone else
  • not backing yourself and not liking yourself
  • lack of confidence
  • no one to support you
  • etc

If I was to share with you that there is a way to uncomplicate all those things that rage through our minds that hold us back and stop us moving forward, would you give it a go? If the answer is yes, you have already demonstrated a 'future focused' mindset.

If the answer is 'no', then the timing may not be quite right for you, and that is ok.

Until we accept that where we are in life is no longer serving us, then we are not able to make changes.

The choice for change is the decision to do so.

How to go about it, well that's my job to help you navigate that pathway.

Are you ready for change? Is 2023 going to look better than 2022? Let's find out.


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